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Pay Your Way Prepaid Metering

How does Pay Your Way prepay work?
New and current residential members may be eligible to qualify for the CECA Pay Your Way prepay program.

New members pay a $120 initial payment to establish a Pay Your Way prepay account. This amount consists of a $20 CECA membership fee, a one-time $50 connect fee and a $50 credit applied to the Pay Your Way prepay account.

Existing members may have the option of converting to a prepay account. Deposits on an existing account will be applied toward any outstanding balance, with the remaining amount applied to the Pay Your Way prepay account as a credit. Existing members with billed or unbilled account balances may either pay the existing balance or may qualify for the cooperative’s debt management system.

Existing CECA members must begin the Pay Your Way prepay program with a minimum of $20 credit on the account. Pay Your Way members are not eligible for budget billing.

Once a Pay Your Way prepay account is established and a credit balance is realized, the member’s home energy usage and the availability charge is recorded and charged daily to the account. The credit balance is reduced daily by the amount charged until either the balance is exhausted or additional payments are made to the account.

How do I manage my Pay Your Way prepay balance?
You may choose to receive periodic courtesy notifications of account balances via text messaging and/or email. Failure to receive these notifications does not release you from payment obligations. You may modify or change notification settings for the Pay Your Way prepay account or check balance information via:

  • Phone, by calling 800-915-2533.
  • The cooperative’s online bill-pay site at
  • The cooperative’s free bill-pay app, available at your app store.
  • Stopping in at any local cooperative service office during the hours of operation.
  • Mail. However, mailed payments may take several days to be received and posted to your account.

If you need assistance, please call our office directly at 800-915-2533. Someone will be available to answer your questions 24/7.

To enroll in the CECA Pay Your Way prepay program, complete and submit the form below. A Member Service Representative will contact you within one business day to complete the process.

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