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Electric Rates

Comanche Electric Cooperative is here to answer your questions concerning electric efficiency and electric safety. Whether you are building a home or just need to know what you can do to make your electric bill a little smaller, Comanche Electric Cooperative's Customer Service Representatives are here to serve you.


Rate Categories

Availability Charge per meter: $22.00
Energy Charge $ 0.114734
***all KWH subject to PCRF***

Less than 50 KVA Installed
Single Phase Service: (Rate 21, 23)
Availability Charge per meter: $22.00
Energy Charge: $ 0.117493
Three Phase Service: (Rate 22, 24)
Availability Charge per meter: $32.00
All KWH billed at: $ 0.117493
***all KWH subject to PCRF***

LARGE POWER RATE: (Rate 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38)
50 KVA Installed and Greater
Must sign Annual Electric Service Agreement
Availability Charge per meter: $70.00
Demand Charge per KW (min 50 KW): $ 8.00
All KWH billed at: $ 0.073013
PME Discount: 3% of energy and demand
***all KWH subject to PCRF***

Availability Charge per meter: $37.00
Energy Charge $ 0.114734
***all KWH subject to PCRF***

175 watt Mercury Vapor 75 kWh $11.26
400 watt Mercury Vapor 170 kWh $21.96
100 watt HP Sodium Lamp 40 kWh $ 9.32
250 watt HP Sodium Lamp 104 kWh $16.11
***all KWH subject to PCRF***

***PCRF is an item you will see on your electric bill. It is shown as a number (ex. -0.01) and is the amount per kwh that is passed from our Power Provider for the fuel that is used to generate electricity. This pcrf can change from month to month, based on the cost of the fuel used to generate electricity.

The money collected for PCRF is collected on a penny for penny basis. Therefore, only the amount needed to recover for increased power cost is collected.

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