Eastland County Newspaper

Eastland County Newspapers is the central hub of operations for five local newspapers within Eastland County: The Eastland Telegram, Cisco Press, Ranger Times, Rising Star, and the Star Farm and Ranch. Serving this area since 1925, these papers strive to emphasize local news and advertising in the towns in which they serve. For more information on a particular paper, or for publication and advertising deadlines, give them a call at 254-629-1707, or visit their website at www.e-cinc.com.

Located: 215 S Seaman, Eastland
Phone: 254-629-1707 or 888-227-1708
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 6 PM
Email: ecn@att.net
Website: www.e-cinc.com

1/2 price on new local (in county) subscriptions to any Eastland County Newspaper publication.