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Storm Season

Personally, I love this wet weather we have been having. I love sitting on my deck and watching the light shows. I love listening to the sound of rain on the roof and the frogs singing on a wet, dark night. But as we all know, this weather does not come without cost, and as I sit on rainy nights enjoying the show, my mind always turns to those who are out in the midst of it: our farmers, ranchers, service men and women, and of course, our utility workers-in particular the men and women I work with.

Here at CECA we have made a promise to ourselves, and to you-the member. That promise is to always provide you with the best possible service. That means that on these stormy nights, when your power goes out, so do our linemen. They climb out of their warm beds in the middle of the night, throw on their FR clothing, pull on their steel toed boots, gather up their gear, kiss their families good night, and head into the storm. I can tell you with certainty, they do not do this begrudgingly. It is a way of life for them, one that feels comfortable and gives them joy and satisfaction. But I digress. As much as I love these guys, this is not about them. It’s about providing you the best possible service.

In the center of our building, amidst the billing clerks, the member service representatives, the customer service reps and the staking technicians, lies the heart of your power: the control room. Equipped with the latest technology in power control, the CECA dispatchers watch the control screens and almost always know the minute your power goes out. Before you have had time to pick up your phone and dial our number, the dispatcher in charge has already contacted his/her standby crew, and those dedicated linemen have already climbed out of their bed and begun to prepare to serve you.  

Our goal is to have a crew dispatched and on the road as quickly as possible, and our technology allows us to do just that. In fact, sometimes we have your power back on before you even know it was out. It is not always that easy however, and there are certainly times that circumstances beyond our control dictate a longer than usual power restoration, and during those times we ask for your patience and understanding. I can assure you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is not because our men are dragging their feet. Their level of dedication is beyond compare, and you can rest assured that they are doing everything within their power to restore your service.

You may be wondering – if we already know the power is out, is it even necessary for you to call us? Most of the time, no. But there is always the odd chance that there is something going on out there that we are not aware of, so we welcome your calls. And if the outage continues and you become concerned, we also welcome those calls to confirm that we are still working on it, and you have not been forgotten. Being in the dark during a storm can be scary, and we want you to be assured that we are still working on the problem and doing all we can, so please do not hesitate to call if you get concerned about the length of an outage.

So this month as the storms rage across our great state of Texas, and the inevitable storm outages occur, never doubt that our dispatchers and linemen are on duty 24/7 to restore your power. And our customer service reps are manning the phones, relaying your messages, and doing all they can to see that not a single member is left in the dark. From all of us here at CECA, to all of our members, we say "Thank You!" for you patience and understanding as we diligently work to restore your power!



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